Characters behind your Witney Radio

Joe is producer for Across the line. Renaissance man Joe is a writer for many random websites about music and film. Joe is also an award winning Film maker, a Bad Guitarist and a lover of Jaffa Cakes. Joe is passionate about music and wants to bring the best of new and old music to you. 

Danny is the voice of Witney Radio, everytime someone tells you the station you're listening to, its Danny! He is an experienced radio entertainer having worked at some of the biggest BBC and commercial radio stations, he's currently running his own production company making commercials and IDs for radio stations across the country.

Barry has lived in Witney all his life which is not as long as some people would think! He loves this town and is an enthusiastic support of all that is positive in this area. Barry is massively involved in all aspects of Witney Radio. Let’s be honest, if you didn’t know already Witney Radio is Barry.

Laura managed to escape from the clutches of the hooded claw in the north and travelled the long and winding road through strawberry fields to the south where she met young maidens and rich gentlemen who enjoyed her regional dialect and funny northern ways.


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